The Moose story

There are a lot of slices of toast, crumpets, waffles, bagels, pancakes and hot cross buns out there that need a little more excitement in their short lives!

Breakfast was once a time where friends and family lingered and grazed and planned the day ahead. Unfortunately, today’s fast-lane living means breakfast is usually a grab-n-go affair with little time to chat let alone consider ingredients.

“Let it sink into crumpets,
add a dollop to a stack of pancakes”
The Daily Telegraph 2017

That trip to New York left Farrah with the nagging belief that there had to be a simple solution. It was time to put the buzz back into breakfast and snacking and it could be wholesome and delicious … and fast!

Even though Moose Maple Butter is only made from three natural ingredients, it took a fair while to ensure that the recipe was perfect. Thankfully, back in the UK, friends and family were just delighted to lend their taste buds – and after countless rounds of research, pondering, perfecting and testing, Moose Maple Butter was finally born.

No longer made at a kitchen table in South West London, Moose Maple Butter is now lovingly produced by the awesome folk at Gower View Foods in Carmarthenshire in South West Wales. #welshcowsarethebest