“Moose Maple Butter
The Daily Telegraph
“Moose Maple Butter is everything you’d hope it would be:
rich, sweet and a dream slathered on crumpets.”
“That butter
on crumpets though!”
Nadiya Hussain
“I can't wait for Moose Maple Butter
to be available across the UK!”
Nigella Lawson
“Moose Maple Co launches maple butter.
Pass the crumpets”
The Grocer
Moose Maple Butter”
The Sunday Times
“Beautifully creamy
with a gratifying sweetness”
The Independent

It’s so humbling to know that there are a growing number of Moose Maple Butter enthusiasts out there spreading the word about our award-winning tubs of joy. Thank you!

If you have a few moments to read their kind words, please take a peek and if you’re inspired to scribble down a few words of your own, we’d love to hear from you.